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These are not the local music circuits of course –at least for the moment-, but to me it is very important that my country makes me happy, with the way many Greek people feel about what I do.

She has also been recording as a musician for other artists' cd's (Alexiou, Lidakis and others).She has attended various classical guitar masterclasses with R. Furthermore she plays the bouzouki and the mandolin.In 1999 she gets accepted as a student at the Department of Psychology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.She compines different techniques, idioms and the pure acoustic sound with some effects.

World music makes me feel how “small” and - at the same time- how important we are in this pluralistic cultural mosaic. The picture needs us to exist and we need the picture to make sense. The reason I started composing music without words was to avoid limits of language and to feel really free to express myself musically in any way I might need to.So I kept the pick and all the techniques I have learned on acoustic and added my fingers and my “classical” way of thinking to add extra voices. Whatever was created then it still exists and it is available to us to feel it, share it and also to affect us." (Photo by Eleftheria Anthi)Greece has always been a place where different music idioms meet each other, from East to West, old and contemporary styles.